Importance of breathing

In yoga you will hear constantly one word – BREATH

What is the importance of breathing?

The human body consists of 75 trillion (75,000,000,000,000) cells and they all have to breathe, thus obtaining not only oxygen but also prana – vital energy without which  our life is unthinkable.
It has been found, that only 10% of the energy is produced through food.  The remaining 90% we take mainly by our environment and by breathing. It is the breathing exercises combined with a sensible diet that allow us to be healthy.

The breathing of the balanced person differs from the breathing of the person in a state of stress.

It is the breathing exercises that help to deal with a number of problems of modern living – chronic fatigue syndrome, aggression, mood swings…
Patients who visit psychotherapists for the first time, are given breathing exercises, because solving to solve a  problem first and foremost should be  in a calm state of mind.

Between breathing and emotions there is feedback: if we breathe at a joyful pace, we will feel joy after a while.

In the same way it can cause anxiety, even fear.

Breathing rhythm is of a great importance to athletes. The highest achievements in  sports, are impossible if you do not know how to breathe properly.
Control and approach to natural and proper breathing increases the effectiveness of training two to four times.
Explaining breathing in a more anatomical way☺:

When we breathe with our lungs, the alioli, (the delicate bubbles from which our lungs are composed), expand and fill up with air. Then, through the blood, oxygen enters the cells where oxidative reactions are required to metabolize the substances.
Scientists from all over the world have come to an interesting conclusion: Oxygen, which is so important to life and life processes, can be a deadly, dangerous enemy for our health. Science calls this  The Paradox of Oxygen.
It turns out, that oxygen is one of the most powerful poisons on the planet.  Active forms of oxygen in the human body play an extremely important role in pathogenesis and can lead to a number of diseases.

We make 1000 breaths per hour, 24,000 per day, 9,000,000 per year.
Imagine our bodies as a fire ball – it burns up nutrients and produces an oxidation reaction. The faster and more oxygen gets into the body, the faster this fire will burn. In this way, we can combine breathing with life expectancy.
The slower and more relaxed your breathing is , the longer you will live.
To compare: The dog does 40 breaths per minute, the human- 17, and the turtle – 1-3 depending on the species. The dog lives on average 20 years, a human – 70, and the tortoise – almost 500.
And here is another secret of breathing:
Why do you think , most longevity exists in mountain areas where residents breathe diluted air? It turns out that each of us at the beginning of our life almost don’t really need oxygen. During the first period of pregnancy, the egg is practically  in a non-oxygenous environment and, according to the growth, the fruit develops in an oxygen limit. This also makes possible to give birth in water. For 9 months, the baby learns to live in conditions of hypoxia (low oxygen content).

The healing carbon dioxide…🤔

At the beginning of the last century, the great Russian physiologist Branislav Verigo has shown the crucial role of carbon dioxide in the processes of oxygen transfer in the blood. It is carbon dioxide which prevents the formation of active compounds of oxygen and protects the cells from destruction, and its deficiency leads to various diseases – respiratory, endocrine, cardiovascular, bone and muscular, metabolic disturbances and energy reactions. The most unpleasant thing is that we have receptors that react with tremendous sensitivity and give the signal “worry!” In the absence of oxygen but absolutely absent receptors to react to the decreased content in the carbon dioxide body. In the lungs of the healthy person, the level of CO2 should be constant – 6.5%, and in the studies alone this indicator distinguishes the sick person from the healthy one.
And with no drugs or nutritional supplements, with no physiotherapy and procedures it is not possible to influence this indicator. The CO2 content of the body can only be regulated by breathing training. This can be done by a person at any age. The greatest secret of our breathing is that the wise nature has given us the ability to treat ourselves, to prolong our lives and to develop the possibilities of our organism.
Man is the only being on the planet who can consciously manage his breathing. It only remains to take advantage of what we are right to do – to work on ourselves, to listen to our ancestors’ experience. Let us take advantage of the unique opportunity to control breathing – to appreciate every inhalation, with love to send every exhale, enjoying a long and happy life!

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